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Enterprise Ad Server technology
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AdXpress Pricing

ValueAd AdXpress is one of the most advanced, cost effective and robust ad servers currently on the market. At ValueAd we designed five below market value offers that fit budget of every publisher.

Basic plan

Serve up to 1,000,000 monthly impressions and enjoy AdXpress flexibility for as low as $150  or get it FREE in exchange of 39% of your ad inventory.

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Turbo plan

Serve up to 5,000,000
monthly impressions and get  AdXpress TURBO performance functionality for ONLY $750 or get it FREE in exchange of 39% of your ad inventory.

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Professional plan

You can serve up to 10,000,000 monthly impressions on dedicated server and utilize AdXpress functionality at the effective cost of $1,300 or get it FREE in exchange of 39% of your ad inventory. Six month commitment. Setup fee apply.

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Enterprise plan

Enterprise customers please call:
(866) 825-8323
for special quote.

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